Due to the limited production volume of our merchandise, stocks will not be available for size correction(s), refund or exchanges. Please check your chosen product sizing, shipping and billing address upon checkout. Returns will only be accepted when, in the most unlikely situation, the item is damaged/defective. If so, please drop us an e-mail with a photo attached of the defect. We do not offer returns or refunds if

1. The item does not fit

2. You have changed your mind about your purchase or - 

3. There is a rare occurrence of any loss of goods, be it before loading on or after dispatching from the facilities of our respective courier providers as the handling of the package beyond that will be entirely out of our control. 

독점체제로 수요 및 한정된 수량으로인해 모든 판매가 주문 후 변경할수없음을 알립니다. 주문서를 제출하기전 선택한 제품 크기, 배송지 주소 및 청구서 수신주소를 확인하십시오. 제품의 사이즈 교환 또는 다른 물품으로 교환이 불가능 하다는것을 알립니다.